Engineering support

Throughout the entire period of steam turbine operation at the power plant, there are issues that require interaction with the manufacturer.
Examples of such situations are: -
  • increased vibration of the shaft assembly;
  • overheating of the bearings (including thrust pads);
  • accidents in rotor components (e.g. vane breakage);
  • equipment defects detected during continuous operation (e.g. erosion or abrasion).

Interaction with generating companies in this regard takes place through the provision of recommendations and technical advice. At the same time, the manufacturer receives information on the condition of the turbines in operation, while the generating companies receive appropriate answers from the manufacturer to their questions in the shortest possible time.

Engineering support includes:

  • Development of special technical solutions
  • Technical advice (remote and field)
  • Training of operating and maintenance personnel
  • Development of service regulations
  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Participation in thermal tests
  • Predictive analytics and remote monitoring system

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