Spare part supply

Short repair periods and competition between generating companies raise the question of creating the onsite spare parts inventory both at the manufacturer and for generating companies ( available on the premises of the group of power plants). Such an inventory is necessary for quick and effective interaction and troubleshooting during scheduled repairs and in case of emergencies.

The Ural Turbine Works maintains communication with power plants throughout the entire period of the steam turbine operation, which contributes to creating a database which includes damages to parts of various types of turbines after long service life and their operating conditions. These activities have contributed to the formation of the spare parts inventory which is suitable and relevant for each type of turbine.

The advantage of this approach is that spare parts inventories are formed not only based on theoretical data, but also on a statistical sample, which makes them compact and not overloaded with spare parts.

It is possible to organize both the billets storage and a finished product warehouse.

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