The Kp-77-6.8 turbine is an advanced model of a new platform which can serve as a base for designing and manufacturing of turbines with a capacity up to 100 MW, which are intended for operation both as part of “waste-to-energy” plants, in combined cycle, and simple cycle. A key feature of the turbine is its low-pressure part design featuring the exhaust casing of the axial type.

The turbine belongs to the class of turbines A.3. Turbines of class A.3 – single-casing turbines of two-case construction with the reverse of steam flow. The turbine can be used in projects with rated electric power from 50 to 100 MW with parameters of live steam pressure from 6 to 10 MPas, with the temperature from 400 to 555 °C. At application in combine cycle plant with the double-pressure heat recovery steam generator for a supply of steam of a circuit of LP both the intercase space, and the branch pipes which are available in a casing intended for selections of steam at a steam-power cycle can be used. In construction of the turbine several cameras from which selections of steam for auxiliary of power plant, including heating extraction for heating of heating-system water can be carried out are organized.

The turbine can be operated either with an air cooling condensing unit (ACU) or in combination with a water-cooled condenser.

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