One More Step Towards Responsible Power Generation In The Far East. The Ural Turbine Works To Upgrade More Than Half of the RusHydro Group Vladivostok CHPP-2 Power

17 February 2022

RusHydro PJSC and Ural Turbine Works JSC (part of ROTEK) have signed a contract for the delivery of three turbine-generators in 2023-2026 for the modernization of the Vladivostok CHPP-2. The units will be equipped with T-120/130-12.8-NG turbines and TVF-130-2U3 generators manufactured by NPO ELSIB PJSC. Large-scale reconstruction of generating equipment of the Vladivostok CHPP-2 takes place as part of the state comprehensive program for the generating equipment modernization (COMMOD).

The Vladivostok CHPP-2 belongs to RusHydro PJSC and is the largest power facility in the south of Primorsky Region and the main source for supplying industrial steam, heat, and electricity to production facilities and residents of Vladivostok. The station operates 14 boiler units and 6 turbine generators. The station capacity is 497 MW, heat power – 1,051 Gcal/h. After the modernization, the electrical capacity of the Vladivostok CHPP-2 will increase to 574 MW, while heat power to 1,115 Gcal/h. The new turbo generators will make it possible to reduce the specific fuel consumption by 20% and improve station reliability.

The T-120/130-12.8-NG turbine is a modern continuation of the T-100 family of heating turbines, one of the most widespread turbines in the Russian power industry, with a number of design and circuit updates to improve their reliability, efficiency, and maneuverability. The generator output of the turbine in nominal mode increases from 100 to 120 MW, in maximum condensing mode up to 130 MW. The turbine organizes steam extraction for station needs, thus eliminating the need for inefficient reduction of live steam and supplying all the basic needs of the turbine plant and the CHPP as a whole. Heat extraction from the flow part is also organized for two-stage heating of network water and to provide a heat load of up to 190 Gcal/h.

RusHydro is the largest Russian energy company in terms of installed capacity, with more than 400 power generation facilities. RusHydro is the first company in the country and the third in the world in the hydraulic power industry, the leader in the energy production based on renewable sources in Russia. The installed capacity of the station, affiliated to RusHydro, is 38.2 GW.

Photo provided by DGK JSC press service.

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