The Ural Turbine Works Upgrades A Turbine For Sterlitamak

12 January 2022

The Ural Turbine Works concluded a contract to upgrade the T-100 steam turbine at the Sterlitamak CHP (Bashkir Generating Company LLC). The upgrade is made possible thanks to the KOMMod (DPM-2). The completion of all activities under the Contract is scheduled for December 2023.

During the upgrade of the turbine, which has been in operation since 1967, the high-pressure cylinder and rotor assembly, as well as the medium-pressure rotor will be replaced. Moreover, the turbine will be equipped with a modern electro-hydraulic regulation and protection system. The nominal capacity of the turbine will increase from 100 MW to 118 MW, its rated service life will be renewed to 220 thousand hours. It is planned to install equipment on the existing foundation of a turbine No. 9 without additional modifications.

T-100 series turbines are the backbone of Russian thermal power plants’ generating fleet and are the most mass-produced cogeneration turbines in the 100–130 MW capacity range in Russia. The Ural Turbine Works has produced more than 250 units of turbines of this series. At the same time, reconstruction projects of T-100 series turbines are the most optimal in terms of the capital expenditures and installed capacity ratio.

Sterlitamak CHP is an important link in the energy complex of Bashkortostan. The plant provides energy to major enterprises of the southern industrial hub (primarily oil refineries and petrochemical companies) and the second largest city in the republic. It is in operation since 1957.

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