Three Employees of the Ural Turbine Works Were Awarded the Title of the Honored Power Engineer of Mongolia

19 March 2021

Three employees of the Ural Turbine Works, namely Igor Sorochan, Director General, Dmitrii Izotin, Sales Director, and Artem Iamaltdinov, Deputy Chief Designer, were awarded the title of the Honored Power Engineer of Mongolia for the successful implementation of the largest project in Mongolia to upgrade four electric power units at the Ulaanbaatar TPP-4.

The Ural Turbine Works completed the project in cooperation with ROTEC in record time, and it is worth noting that two of the four turbines were installed during the global pandemic (border closure, quarantines, sanitary treatments and activities).

The UTW team also received a letter of gratitude signed by the station's Executive Director, Mr. Temerhuyag. The letter says, “We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the project team for their readiness for challenging and non-standard conditions, professional competence and responsiveness, promptness, and creative thinking on the part of managers and engineering staff, and for the patience it took to be away from home for so long. The combination of these factors made it possible to complete our order not only on time but also with better-than-planned results.”

The letter notes that as a result of the project implementation, the total nominal capacity of the plant has been increased by 89 MW, the heat load increased by 74 Gcal/h. Fuel saving amounted to more than 200 thousand tons of coal per year, which is more than 1.5 times the calculated efficiency.

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