Ural Turbine Works Invests in Production. New Steam Turbine Assembly Stand Commissioned

2 March 2020

The Ural Turbine Works has completed the production of a modern assembly stand for steam turbines: a new stand has been commissioned. Thus, the assembly area of the plant has been completely modernized to meet all modern requirements.

Igor Pavlovich Sorochan, CEO of Ural Turbine Works, JSC, said, “Today the plant is capable of simultaneous assembly of two full turbines and several cylinders. This ensures the implementation of the enterprise's development strategy aimed at production of new steam turbine designs and, in particular, the plant's active participation in the implementation of the PSA-2 program.

The assembly stand is designed for in-plant final assembly of the turbine. In addition to the assembly work itself, the stand is used for assembled part mating while maintaining the necessary gap sizes, their adjustment and control, as well as turbine rotor rotation testing via a barring device. The first turbine to use the stand will be the T-100 unit for the Avtovskaya CHPP. The assembly work at the stand has already begun.

The new stand is universal, it is designed for the assembly of almost all types of Ural Turbine Works turbines (assembly of heavy-duty units such as T-295 is done at the first part of the stand, built in 2016). The mobile roll-out platforms allow to replicate the geometry of the assembled turbine with the highest degree of accuracy. This significantly accelerates the process of planning assembly work, in addition to creating a comfortable and safe environment for the assembly workers.

It should be noted that the Ural Turbine Works has already commissioned two new thermal furnaces, with two overhead cranes being modernized as well, as part of this year's investment program. The full-scale modernization of the rotor machining lathe, as well as the SKODA horizontal milling and boring machine, is currently underway. Works on implementation of gas radiant heating in the production shops for cost-effective temperature conditions are continuing, IT-infrastructure capacities of the enterprise are also being developed. This year, the plant plans to purchase equipment for the final grinding of parts and a band saw machine for longitudinal cutting of rolled products.

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