Ural Turbine Works to Deliver Three Turbines to T Plus as Part of PSA-2

6 February 2020

Ural Turbine Works, JSC and T Plus, PJSC have signed an agreement to supply turbines to the company's plants: two units for the Permskaya CHPP-9 and one for the Izhevskaya CHPP-2. These projects will be implemented as part of the PSA-2 program. Equipment commissioning is scheduled for 2022-2023. The total nameplate capacity of the turbines is 310 MW.

At the Permskaya CHPP-9, the T-100 turbine, which has been in service since 1973, will be replaced by a new generation Tp-124-12,8-NG unit. A T-60/66-10.2 unit will be installed on the foundation of the previously decommissioned R-50-130 turbine and will operate in conjunction with the GTE-160 gas turbine system. At the Izhevskaya CHPP-2, the T-110/120 turbine, which has served for 37 years, will also be replaced by a Tp-124-12,8-NG unit.

The implementation of these projects will significantly improve the technical and economic performance of the power plants, i.e. increase heat output and improve heat and power generation efficiency. The implementation of the project at the Permskaya CHPP-9 will enable the plant to decommission three obsolete and worn-out turbine sets that have been in service since the middle of the last century. Also, due to the introduction of efficient equipment, the specific reference fuel consumption for the electrical power output will be reduced by 17%. At the Izhevskaya CHPP-2, the installed electric capacity will increase by 14.9 MW.

The turbines that will be installed at the plants belong to the new generation of turbine units developed by the Ural Turbine Works. The T-60 turbine is an improved single-cylinder unit for use at CCGT plants. The turbine design makes it possible to set up the extraction required for both the plant’s own needs and heat-and-power supply maintaining the heat load of up to 143 Gcal/h. The turbines of this series have a total efficient operating time of over 170,000 hours. The Tp-124-12,8-NG turbine is a modern successor to the T-100 series of extraction turbines, defined by a number of structural and circuit improvements for increased reliability, efficiency, and maneuverability of the installation. The turbine maintains the required steam flow rate for the CHPP’s own needs, while heat extraction maintains heat load of up to 190 Gcal/h.

Igor Sorochan, CEO of Ural Turbine Works, JSC, said, “T Plus is one of our key customers. For the past 10 years alone, seven of our turbines have been supplied to the company's plants. At the same time, it is important that the customer is ready to test and implement new forward-looking solutions.”

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