Ural Turbine Works: Turbine Upgrade at the Krasnoyarsk CHPP-2 Enters the Home Stretch

15 March 2022

Installation of the upgraded turbine Т-100/120-130-3 has begun at the Krasnoyarsk CHPP-2 of the Siberian Generating Company (SGC). The turbine is expected to be commissioned in Q3 2022. The project is being implemented as part of CSA-2 – the state comprehensive program for thermal power plant modernization (COMMOD).

For the purposes of the turbine major upgrade, Ural Turbine Works has manufactured and supplied the high-pressure cylinder, the stop valve unit, the bypass piping between the stop valve and the turbine cylinder, front and middle bearing units with foundation frames, and the piping of the turbine itself, and has upgraded the control and protection system.

The power unit being upgraded has been generating energy since 1979 and, during that period, it has exceeded its specified life by 135 %, having worked for 270 thousand hours. The current upgrade will set new specified life, increase performance, reliability, flexibility and maintainability of the equipment.

The SGC’s Krasnoyarsk CHPP-2 provides heat and hot water for the Sverdlovsky, Tsentralny, Zheleznodorozhny and Oktyabrsky Districts of Krasnoyarsk and delivers steam for enterprises of the southern industrial hub (KhMZ, Kultbytstroy, Volna Cement plant, and Kraskon Confectionery Factory).

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