The UTW has a large fleet of installed turbines. Over the years of operation, the company has supplied more than 900 steam turbines.

Currently, the power industry is characterized by a high degree of wear and tear of main equipment. At the moment, more than 1,600 steam turbines are installed in the territory of the Russian Federation. Most of them have more than 35 years of operating time. At the same time, most of the turbines installed are both outworn and outdated and fail to meet the modern requirements of the power market. In this regard, the power generation companies may need renewal and reconstruction of the fleet of the installed turbines.

The fastest and relatively inexpensive way to restore the working capacity of the turbine fleet is to upgrade it along with its renovation, including increasing the capacity and efficiency of each turbine unit by replacing outworn and outdated equipment with new, modern, highly technically and economically efficient one. Upgrading allows to increase the capacity both due to "green" MW (achieved by improving the technical and economic indicators of units, equipment, and circuit elements) and due to "red" MW (achieved by increasing steam flow).

The Ural Turbine Works has developed upgrade kits for a wide range of plant’s and third-party turbines, including T-100, T-250, PT-60, PT-80, PT-135, and many other turbines, which allows to extend the service life of equipment and increase its reliability and maintainability.

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