The upgrade of the steam turbine of the T-100 series

The upgrade of the steam turbine of the T-100 series of the Ural Turbine Works has been developed based on more than half a century of operation experience, design, and technological improvements of units and parts of the T-100 series steam turbine.

Pilot model of the T-100-130 steam turbine Serial No. 26501 was manufactured by the plant in 1961 for stage No. 6 of Mosenergo CHP-20. The total number of steam turbines of T-100-130 type and their modifications produced by the Ural Turbine Works is 249 units. They are installed and successfully operated in the following countries Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Estonia.

The upgrade of the turbine of the T-100 series allows to get a modern turbine unit using buildings, foundations for equipment, crane facilities and replacing only the outdated equipment with new, more advanced one.

The Ural Turbine Works offers a comprehensive approach to the T-100 series steam turbine upgrade, which includes a wide range of technical solutions to upgrade the turbine units in a more timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

The scope of the upgrade is conditionally divided into 4 groups:

The upgrade of the turbine has a high degree of customization and is tailored according to specific customer requirements. All units feature advanced design.
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