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The UTW JSC intellectual property portfolio includes 51 valid patents and 29 production secrets (know-how).     

Certificate No. 808396 for the UTW JSC trademark.
Certificate No. 181669 for the UTW JSC trademark.
Certificate No. 2016620526 for the Replenished Patent Base in Turbine Construction database.

Technical solutions pertaining to the design of steam turbines and their operation modes, which increase the efficiency and reliability of steam turbines:

Patent No. 199149 (Device for Returning The Output Component Of The Operating Device Executive Mechanism To Its Home Position).
Patent No.2730088 for the "Turbine control method and device for implementation thereof"
Patent No.2722680 for the "Adaptive digital turbine adjustment system"
Patent No. 196772 (Sealing of steam turbine cylinder bodies).
. Patent No. 195278 (Joint device of the case and the turbo-machine support).
Patent No. 186946 (Heat machine working fluid flow control unit).
Patent No. 184386 (Heat exchanger attachment point).
Patent No. 181052 (Steam turbine flow compartment for mixing steam flows).
Patent No. 179102 (Device for duplex transmission of axial force).
Patent No. 178050 (Rotating blade of a constant profile with the integral bandage with preservation of the output area at manufacturing).
Patent No. 176958 (Trust bearing lever leveling device).
Patent No. 175169 (Device for automatically generating additional electric power of type ‘T’ turbines).
Patent No. 2609126 (Rotating blade shanks with interference).
Patent No. 163889 (Control stage seal box with reactive loading).
Patent No. 2592008 (Method of two-stage delivery water heating).
Patent No. 161981 (Steam turbine cylinder).
Patent No. 2583767 (Ball lock and a way to select its geometric parameters and power characteristics).
Patent No. 2576392 (Steam turbine cylinder with a control compartment).
Patent No. 157430 (Steam turbine exhaust).
Patent No. 2550212 (Spinning rotor support).
Patent No. 2518784 (Method of regulation of the heating turbine unit thermal load).
Patent No. 2505728 (Steam turbine stop valve steam strainer).
Patent No. 2490479 (Single-cylinder heating turbine for CCGT).
. Patent No. 2470163 (Heating turbine plant).
Patent No. 2465465 (Guide blade steering device).
Patent No. 2459984 (Thrust plain bearing).
Patent No. 2442034 (Segmental bearing).
Patent No. 2431046 (Three-channel system of the turbine unit protection).
Patent No. 2429352 (Operation method of the heating turbine plant with steam reheating).
Patent No. 2426891 (Method of regulating the pressure of production steam extraction of the heating turbine).
Patent No. 2425229 (Steam turbine operation method).
Patent No. 2422645 (Method of controlling back-pressure turbines that are included in the runback).
Patent No. 2415276 (Method of the heating turbine protection).
Patent No. 2413074 (Method of joint startup of the back-pressure turbine and the turbine attached to it).
Patent No. 2382940 (Temperature stress plated compensator for horizontal type line heaters).
Patent No. 2386039 (Turbine flow compartment annular chamber for mixing steam flows).
Patent No. 2332577 (Method of front bearing housing and steam turbine cylinder thermal displacement).

Technical solutions pertaining to the production of power equipment that reduce costsc, improve quality, reliability and efficiency of turbines under development, such as patented workshop equipment:

Patent No. 175416 (Universal device for the quick hanging of steam turbine blades with a T-shank).
Patent No. 167493 (Device for assembly of bandages with the body of steam turbine diaphragms).
Patent No. 167930 (Universal device for monitoring the height of shoulders in the diaphragm slots and steam turbine rotors).
Patent No. 165457 (Universal device for the quick hanging of steam turbine blades with the Y-shaped shank with two or more slots).
Patent No. 158987 (Device for assembly of the steam turbine diaphragm grids).
Patent No. 154965 (Universal template for measuring the blade radial offset of the impellers (stages) of steam turbines).

Product appearance solutions (industrial designs):

Patent No. 116800 (Steam turbine front bearing unit).
Patent No. 116520 (Steam turbine housing with axial exhaust).
Patent No. 115436 (Steam turbine sheathing).
Patent No. 113833 (Low-pressure steam turbine for a new generation icebreaker steam turbine).
Patent No. 102791 (Steam turbine sheathing).
Patent No. 99437 (Turbine unit sheathing).
Patent No. 98825 (Heating turbine sheathing for CCGT).

UTW JSC patents in the public domain:

Patent No. 2472020 (Regenerator built into the gas turbine unit).
Patent No. 2403418 (Turbine stator seal).
Patent No. 2397332 (Built-in cooling system for low-pressure cylinders of heating steam turbines).
Patent No. 2377463 (Horizontal type line heater pipe system with double partitions).
Patent No. 2377416 (Rotor).
Patent No. 2355970 (Heat exchanger with thermal U-shaped tubes).
Patent No. 2352885 (Shell-and-tube exchanger with finned tubes).
Patent No. 2307941 (Operation method of the heating turbine plant).
Patent No. 2194866 (Steam turbine steam extraction control system).
Patent No. 2204724 (Method of control of the heating turbine unit delivery water temperature).
Patent No. 2167311 (Cascade drainage system of the heating steam condensate from the heaters of the heating steam turbine at the stage heating of the delivery water).
Patent No. 2136973 (Axial compressor air extraction unit).

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