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Sale of licenses

Ural Turbine Works is one of the innovative leaders in the field of steam turbine building in Russia. Every year we introduce to the market one brand new model of steam turbines. Our intellectual property portfolio includes patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, production secrets (know-how) and copyrights and creates business advantage for us and our partners. It also allows us to sell licenses for the right to use our technologies to other companies to help them develop their innovations.

You can get acquainted with the patent solutions of the Ural Turbine Works by going to the section Patents:

1. Technical solutions related to the design of steam turbines and the way they work, which increase the efficiency and reliability of steam turbines.

2. Technical solutions related to the production of power equipment that create savings, improve quality, reliability and efficiency of turbines under development, such as patented workshop equipment.

3. Product appearance solutions (industrial designs).

4. UTW JSC patents in the public domain.

Ural Turbine Works is ready to share the most important technologies and information with customers, suppliers and partners by selling licenses. To start working with us or to learn more, please see our list of patents and contact us by email