Ural Turbine to Add Power to Minsk

3 March 2022

Ural Turbine Works is about to complete the reconstruction of Minsk CHP-3 with the replacement of 14 MPa decommissioned capacities. Integrated 72-hours tests of Тп-115/130-12.8 turbine were completed successfully. The turbine unit is ready to supply power to the grid.

Today, Minsk CHP-3 covers approximately 25% of the energy demands of the national capital. Reconstruction performed at this stage will increase capacity by 15 MW compared to the previous one.

In this project, UTW is the general supplier of equipment including Тп-115/130-12.8 turbine unit, generator, boiler unit, fan cooling tower, pumping equipment set, hoisting equipment, pipelines, DCS, transformers, firehouse equipment, and other equipment, and also has performed design and survey work and commissioning.

Тп-115/130-12.8 turbine is a new generation turbine created to replace the most widespread serial turbine of Ural Turbine Works, T-100. It was developed using modern engineering software and state-of-the-art materials. The turbine contains completely revised designs of all cylinders, their bearing supports, rotors, valve gear mechanisms, and blading. In particular, in order to increase the internal efficiency of the flow path and consequently to increase the high-pressure cylinder technical efficiency, designers removed the control stage and introduced a control section instead, which is the UTW’s patented design. All this as a whole allows increasing the turbine maximum capacity, enhance cost effectiveness and reliability indicators, reduce life cycle costs.

It should be noted that Ural Turbine Works had participated in the reconstruction of Minsk CHP-3 earlier. In 2009, the cutting-edge and efficient combined cycle power unit CCPP-230 was built at the plant including the T-53/67-8.0 steam turbine manufactured by UTW.

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