Ural Turbine Works to Almost Double Its Capacities in the Next Five Years

17 August 2022

The enterprise’s capacity will reach 2.5 GW per year

YEKATERINBURG, August 16. /TASS/. The Ural Turbine Works (UTW, part of ROTEC) in Yekaterinburg is expected to almost double its capacities in the next five years, reaching 2.5 GW. This information was shared with TASS on Tuesday by Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the UTW Board of Directors.

“Our capacity is growing, but it’s not explosive growth, it’s 100% planned. We’re adjusting our enterprise in accordance with new products that we intend to manufacture, and the structure of demand we are provided to us by the energy modernization program,” he said, noting that in the next five years the UTW’s capacity will grow to 2.5 GW. Currently, the plant’s capacity is 1.6 GW per year.

Annually, the enterprise invests about 400-500 m. rubles into equipment modernization and replacement. That said, in 2023, this indicator will increase up to nearly 1 bn. rubles. According to Lifshitz, this has been caused by plans to purchase a production line for plate blade workpieces.

The CEO, Dmitry Izotin added that in total, the UTW plans to invest more than 3 billion rubles in development by 2027. He noted that the enterprise is switching to digital mockups 2.0 for its pieces in order to significantly reduce the time spent on design. They are also hiring new personnel, and a long-term training program for engineering and industrial worker jobs is underway in cooperation with leading Ural educational establishments.

Ural Turbine Works JSC is one of Russia’s leading machine-building plants, it designs and manufactures power generation equipment. The company is part of ROTEC Holding. UTW JSC was established in 1938 to specialize in steam turbine manufacturing.

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