Ural Turbine Works will supply Quadra PJSC with three turbines as part of a government-supported program to upgrade its generating capacity

9 March 2022

Ural Turbine Works has signed a contract to supply three T-130 turbines for the implementation of СSA-dash (Capacity Supply Agreement) projects at Quadra PJSC power plants. T-130/145-12.8 turbines will be delivered to Smolenskaya CHPP-2 – the first unit in 3Q 2022 and the second in 2Q 2023; T-130/150-12.8 turbine for Tambovskaya CHPP is scheduled for production and shipment in 3Q 2023.

State-of-the-art and powerful turbine units will replace equipment of the 1970–80s, which has reached the end of its service life. Due to the equipment replacement, the rated electric capacity of Smolenskaya CHPP-2 will increase by 16 % up to 320 MW, and its heat capacity — by 3 % up to 774 Gcal/h. At Tambovskaya CHPP, the power plant’s most powerful turbine unit will be replaced; as a result, the electric capacity of the facility will increase up to 255 MW (+ 8 %) and its heat capacity — up to 959 Gcal/h (+ 2 %). The modernization of the power plants’ equipment will ensure reliable operation of the energy systems in these regions and enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the power plants in the wholesale energy market.

The Т-130 turbine is a modern succession of the T-100 family of cogeneration turbines with a number of design and circuit updates to improve the units’ reliability, efficiency and maneuverability. A significant increase in rated capacity can be achieved through optimizing the entire set of blades of the flow section with enhanced power generation efficiency. In addition to regulated heat removal, the turbine also provides for removal that fully supplies steam for power plants’ own needs. Noteworthy, this up-to-date turbine modification will appear increasingly at upgraded power plants in Russia.

UTW is currently involved in many of the country’s energy modernization projects implemented under СSA-dash (Capacity Supply Agreement). Turbine units are in various stages of manufacture or installation for T Plus, Mosenergo, TGC-1, SGC, LUKOIL, NHRS and a number of other companies.

Ural Turbine Works JSC (www.utz.ru) is one of Russia’s leading machine-building plants engaged in design and manufacturing of power-generation equipment. The UTW was founded in 1938 and is focused on the production of steam turbines, as well as on the servicing and retrofit of steam and gas turbines. It has significant successful experience in supplying power equipment on the international market. Mikhail Valerievich Lifshitz is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTW JSC and ROTEC JSC.

ROTEC JSC (www.zaorotec.ru) is a company that specializes in design and turnkey construction of complex power-engineering facilities and infrastructure, the development and commercial operation of the hardware-software analytic package for monitoring and predicting the condition of industrial equipment (PRANA system), the development and production of components for aviation and power-engineering applications, high-efficiency supercapacitor energy storage and accumulation systems, and also in manufacture, retrofitting and maintenance of basic energy equipment.

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