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The Historic Exhibition Center

The Historic Exhibition Center represents the milestones in the history of establishment and development of the Ural Turbine Works, one of the largest designers and suppliers of power equipment in Russia. The Center opened its doors in 2013. It is a successor of the Labor Glory Museum of the Turbine Motor Plant founded in 1975.

The Historic Exhibition Center exhibits hundreds of showpieces, among which there are documents, things, archive photos, and scale models of equipment. Witnessing the history of the Ural Turbine Works, they also tell the story of the power industry in Russia. Besides, the exposition is closely related to the history of Elmash residential district, so it may be of interest to the local history experts the students who study local history.

The visitors of the Center have a unique opportunity to see the scale models of various turbines. The exposition showcases the model of АТ-12 which was the very first turbine manufactured in 1941. The plant’s history began with this turbine. The moving scale models of the Т-63 and Т-295 turbines are the pride of the Center. These turbines belong to the new generation and represent a piece of the modern engineering thought. The models have the working part of the shaft which can move and let one to take a look inside the turbine.

The Center’s exposition includes rare documents and photos captured the events and people who left good memories - top managers, design and process engineers, machine operators.

The Historic Exhibition Center occupies a part of the plant’s administration building located at 18 Frontovykh Brigad St. , Ekaterinburg, 620017, Russia. Group visits to the Center are available. Please let us know in advance of the visit. The visit can include a tour around the production facilities.

Working hours: Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. – 4:40 p.m.

Free admission.

Tel. +7(343) 300-14-17.